P4l fitness, LLC. provides a special place to empower individuals to get excited about accomplishing their health, fitness and performance goals while going above and beyond their expectations.

We strive to provide excellent service to our clients by motivating, challenging, educating and providing accountability. Our workouts are tailored toward each individual to ensure you receive a personalized path for your fitness goals.

About P4L

With every personal training program you will receive nutrition consulting and guidance. Nutrition is the key to seeing real results. Most people struggle within and find difficulty in the area of nutrition. They go to the gym, have an awesome workout, and then don’t know how to properly fuel theri body towards reaching their goals. Find out why you are eating (the mental and emotional side to food) and what effect certain foods have on your body.


“This recipe couldn’t be easier! Mix all of the ingredients listed above in a large bowl. Salt and pepper to taste, and enjoy! “- Happy client






Josh Hubby

Owner & Fitness Specialist

Office Location

28780 Single Oak Dr. Suite 100 Temecula, CA 925920

My Philosophy

An owner and Fitness Trainer at P4L Fitness, Josh has a passion for impacting lives through the health and fitness industries! After high school Josh attended Point Loma University and studied Athletic Training. He also holds several certifications by NASM, ACE, TRX, SPARQ and others! Josh’s personal goal is to bring out the best in each individual he works with to help them surpass their personal health/fitness goals!