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Choose Health is an online educational library created by Rancho Family Medical Group to educate our patients and community on how to live a health-focused lifestyle. We have educational courses, cooking demonstrations, a podcast and more! Scroll down to see what Choose Health has to offer to maximize your health and wellness!

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Within Choose Health, we have several recipes created with the health of our patients in mind. Our staff and community partners have come up with health-focused recipes highlighting vitamins and nutrients needed to enrich gut health and maintain wellness. Check out our cooking videos to learn these recipes and glean some helpful kitchen tips!

Educational Courses

Choose Education is our online library of courses tailored to learning more about living a healthy lifestyle. We have courses about weight loss, the Keto diet, general nutrition and so much more. Instead of wandering around the internet trying to get the most credible resources, why not get your resources straight from your doctor’s office?

Online Fitness Classes

Rancho offers a wide variety of fitness and health classes to our patients 55+ in our senior centers. There are currently centers in Hemet, Sun City, and we partner with a local gym in Murrieta. We  offer Zumba, yoga, line dancing, strength and balance, cooking classes, and CrossFit classes to our patients, all completely FREE of charge.

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Who We Are

We are family physicians serving south Riverside county with the highest quality of care. Rancho’s goal is to approach medicine differently by offering more cohesive care and education that extends beyond the four walls of the exam room. We do not just make suggestions and write prescriptions, we have taken steps to improve the health of our patients. Our family physicians have developed educational content that empowers their community to make healthy lifestyle changes.  We also have free senior centers for our patients 65 and older that are full of exercise and nutrition classes as well as full online courses teaching a wide variety of health topics. We pride ourselves on going beyond the exam room to make our community healthier and happier.

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