We are very proud of our local business partnerships. Many of these establishments offer select discounts to Rancho Family Medical Group patients.

The roots of the EAT story are entrenched in childhood memories of gathering around the table, connecting & sharing good food. Scratch cooking with ingredients that are not doused in chemicals, utilizing animal proteins that are clean, hormone & antibiotic free- as well as being raised in a CARING and ETHICAL environment

Our goal at Primal Pastures is to produce food that we feel good about feeding to ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren – food that is grown responsibly, sustainably, and according to nature’s brilliant design. We believe that there is a better way – a higher calling if you will – that we truly are or will become what we eat.

The reasons to choose Overload are many. Simply put, Overload offers more for less. Our vision is to share our passion of fitness with everyone; from our young kids up to our mature adults.

Temecula Clay is a local pottery shop in Temecula where you can create your own clay creations as well as paint various pieces that have been made previously. It is the perfect place to start a hobby and explore your creativity.

All our purveyors have been hand selected by Chef Daniel to supply all natural, no additives, no hormones, no chemicals in all meats. Our beef products are pasture raised and we feature Black Angus Beef from Nebraska, Heritage Breed Duroc from Iowa and Berkshire Pork from Oregon, Mary’s Chicken from California, Colorado Lamb and only Wild Caught sustainable seafood from Santa Monica Seafood.

We are proud to be the largest provider of the highest quality natural and organic products in the Temecula valley. We strive to better our community and assume our social and environmental responsibility for our share this planet. We have a strong commitment to organic farming, promoting sustainable agriculture and preserving the earth for future generations.

Harvest2U saw a need in our community to provide families with an alternative to the high-priced organic produce sold in grocery stores, and to offer a solution for those wanting to buy clean, fresh and organic produce from local farmers. So, Harvest2U was created to conveniently bring quality locally grown produce to your family at a competitive price.