Pilates Course | Precision

"In using precision here, he's able to do a move that would otherwise not help the body."


Precision in Pilates allows for the proper placement of your body when completing movements. For the exercise, stand with your arms down by your side and make sure your shoulders are stacked above your hips and your spine is straight. For a modification, stand next to a chair for balance. Engage your abs and lift your foot slowly while resisting gravity. This uses your pelvic floor and lateral chain while maintaining precision in balancing your weight on the opposite leg while inhaling. As you exhale, flex the foot and slowly draw the knee up, and inhale while slowly taking the leg back down. Using precision, it is a more concise and controlled movement where you are fighting gravity and creating resistance with your own body weight. Precision allows you to engage all the other elements of Pilates in order to gain the most benefits from the exercises.

Key Points:

  • The Powerhouse
  • Breath
  • Balance

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