Pilates Course | Flow

"It's all about articulating your spine up and down, as though it's a wheel leaving the road. In doing that, you're creating a nice flexibility in between each one of the vertebrate."


Flow creates a smooth transition from one movement to another. To practice flow, sit on a mat with your knees bent and your spine aligned. Inhale through your nose and through the back. As you exhale, slowly round your back down, reaching through the fingers with your arms extended in front of you. Begin inhaling and create length through extending your arms behind you as you lay down. Exhale and lower your arms down. Inhale and exhale while imprinting the lumbar spine into the mat which wakes up your pelvic floor, back extensors and integrates your breath. To continue with the rest of the flow, extend your legs straight out, and inhale while drawing your arms straight up over your head. Inhale to prepare, then exhale while bringing your hands up over the head straight up above your gaze. Begin tucking your chin while exhaling from your mouth throughout the way and round up while keeping your legs extended. Inhale once more and exhale while controlling back down one vertebra at a time. This completes your first roll up, and as you follow Jamie’s instructions, you can further continue Pilates movements that can help you strengthen your flow in exercises.

Key Points:

  • Roll ups
  • Stretching the spine
  • Flow between exercises

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