Pilates Course | Control

"These aren't quick movements, you're not using momentum; You're trying to resist gravity and that's where the majority of the control is."


Control is the process of using your mind to focus down into your body and choosing to control the muscles after your muscles have chosen what to do on their own. For the exercise, sit with your legs bent on a mat. Extend your arms straight out and the control comes into your shoulder girdle. Inhale, sending your shoulders up and back, and as you exhale, drop your shoulders back and down. Keep your spine stable as you control the movement of your shoulder girdle. For a controlled crunch, follow Jamie’s instructions in the video. If you have lower back pain, make sure to use the modified version of the exercise until you have strengthened your pelvic floor. Putting conscious thought into your movements helps you to focus on your muscles and avoid pulled muscles and unnecessary tension. 

Key Points:

  • Stable spine
  • Resist gravity
  • Controlling the spine

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