Pilates Course | Breathing

"It's the first thing that we do when we're born, it's the last thing we do before we die, and we do it every second in-between those two events."


One of the most important techniques to take away from this course is proper breathing. In our everyday postures, from sitting in an office to driving in a car, we are in a position of flexion which does not allow for full expansion of the rib cage, lungs, and diaphragm. In this course, Jamie walks through the proper positioning and techniques that allow for a deep, restorative breath. Joseph Pilates compares stale oxygen in our lungs and bloodstream to a murky stream that has not been replenished with new water to flush it. When breathing, draw the air through your nose, allowing your lungs to expand laterally, stretching the intercostal muscles that support each of the lungs, and contract to drain them. Breathe into the side of ribs and back. Avoid slouching and think of stacking your spine for proper posture when breathing. This technique allows you to cleanse your lungs of old, dirty air and replenish them with life-giving breath. When first practicing deep breath, you may feel slightly lightheaded at first. Jamie recommends sitting and taking just a few breaths at a time until you get past the initial dizziness. Practicing proper breathing a couple times a day will allow your body to replenish itself, maintain a healthy posture, and will eventually become subconscious in everyday life.

Key Points:

  • Proper breathing techniques
  • Expansion and contraction of the rib lineĀ