3. Find a Routine

Find a Routine

"Find that exercise or activity that causes you to come alive. If it does, then keep doing that!"

-Dr. Jamey Sotis

Prior to the pandemic, many of our patients had gym memberships, fitness routines, meal prep plans and health routines that were all a part of their day to day. Now, a good majority of our patients are rebuilding those routines to fit more of an “at home” lifestyle. Dr. Vincent, himself being avid about fitness, suggests thinking of your health routine selfishly. Do it for yourself, seamlessly integrating it into your daily routine like brushing teeth or taking a shower. Thirty minutes may seem like too much time to devote to movement, but truly, it is just the length of a sitcom. Dr. Sotis deems his movement habits integral to his everyday life. He says that “first we make our habits and then our habits make us”. He encourages his patients to find a movement routine that is something that is enjoyable which in turn makes it sustainable. If you hate running, do not force yourself to run. If you enjoy walking or swimming, do that instead! Pick something you can incorporate into your everyday life and celebrate the small victories!

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