2. Strength Training

Strength Training

"...You can be really strong, and not be very large."

-Jon Levell (CrossFit by Overload)

Balance and strength really go hand and hand, especially as we age. Dr. Sotis and Dr. Vincent note that many of the patients they see can have significant mobile limitations, partly because of chronic illnesses but majorly because of becoming obese as a population. They note that more often than not, their patients think that gaining 3 pounds each year is normal, however, over the course of ten years, that can be an extra 30 pounds of weight on your body. This can lead to lessened mobility and joint issues. Lack of muscle mass can also manifest in losing balance, falling, and not being able to get back up. All three gentleman note that there are ways to delay that weight gain and balance loss as well as correct any mobility that has been lost. RFMG has partnered with Crossfit by Overload to provide our seniors with strength training classes both in person and online. Our doctors note that this is just as important for preventative medicine as any health screening. Being healthy and strong is pivotal to recovery should something happen, like an extended hospital stay, surgery etc.

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