We want to encourage spending quality time with family and friends this holiday season. Make sure you check the bottom of the page for a very special discount for Rancho Family patients only!

Most people struggle to find a spare moment in their busy lives. Between work, hobbies, health, and other responsibilities, the stress of time management can really add up. The holidays can be even more stressful, especially for those who have lost a loved one. While there are obvious obstacles, spending time with family and friends can be beneficial for your health. The benefits of spending time with loved ones can reduce stress, build confidence and create a more rounded self. Even if the family is not around, the same benefits can come from a support system or group. Friendships, church groups, and coworkers can help ease life for one another and help make life joyful. 

Less stress 

Life is stressful, it’s a built-in function. By being around people who understand you and accept you for who you are, stress can decrease and vanish. Reminiscing about happy, difficult and rewarding times helps us reflect on our life. It helps us to understand that the mountains and valleys are part of the journey and help us appreciate the sweet times even more. 

Builds confidence

Often times, stress is due to expectations not being met. One of the largest expectation gaps come from within when we judge our own failures. Having family and friends who are there for you during these times creates joy. We do not have to find our acceptance in others, but by having others there to celebrate, encourage and help us through situations, life gets easier. 

Good for your soul

Laughing and being outdoors is good for your soul. Like exercise, laughing has been shown to release those feel-good brain chemicals called endorphins, which helps relieve stress and pain. Doing something together as a family outdoor or indoors—like playing board games or watching a great movie—promotes bonding. Laughter and exercise promote longevity and create fuel so you can live your best life with those you love most.  

Ok, so what is a good solution?

We do not want to simply offer good health tips that theoretically sound nice, then wish you the best of luck. In fact, this entire Choose Health campaign is designed to give practical steps to improving your health with recipes, workout videos, podcasts, and more. Therefore, this holiday season, we want to make it a it easier for you to enjoy the family and spend less time cooking. We have partnered with E.A.T Marketplace in Temecula to offer a series of discounts to Rancho Family Medical patients only. They have $20 off organic turkeys that are precooked, (FYI, I had one to test the other day and it was hands down the best turkey I have ever had) as well as other discounts on the entire meal with a wide variety of sides. THE BEST PART??? They have vegan, paleo, gluten-free, and keto options so everyone will be happy. Take advantage of this amazing offer and go to E.A.T marketplace website and use the code: Ranchoturkeydeal when you call to order!

Amber Holden, PA-C (above) sees patients at our Single Oak office in Temecula. Amber loves E.A.T and is a frequent visitor there. Amber loves to cook healthy and is a firm believer in quality time with family and friends. To learn more about Amber, click HERE