Living in the United States, most of us aware that Americans are known for having overly large serving sizes. This is a big reason for our alarming rates of obesity and health issues related to nutrition. Because we are used to overeating, it’s common to assume that the nutritional values on a food label are equivalent to one serving size. That is almost never the case. Here are some tips on what to look for when being conscious of serving sizes.



Through various lifestyle changes and precautions, diabetes can be managed easier or even prevented altogether. Dr. Rahman, who sees patients at our Temecula Parkway, has done numerous educational talks on diabetes. You can view her most recent talk here.



Dr. Madrid, who sees patients in our Hemet and Menifee locations has seen drastic improvements from many of his diabetic patients because of the Keto diet and intermittent fasting; with multiple patients no longer needing their insulin altogether. Watch this video to learn how Keto and fasting has changed this patient’s life.