Course Overview

“First we make our habits, then our habits make us.” -John Dryden.

Making new and healthy habits can come with many challenges. One of the biggest obstacles to overcome is not feeling confident that you are making the right choice in your diet or lifestyle. Our goal with this Introduction to Nutrition class is to break down those concerns and better educate you, our patient, on what it means to eat healthier. 

You will learn so much about food, how it reacts in our body, good fats vs bad fats, calorie counting, and so much more. 

Take your time as you go through each lesson and we even recommend taking notes. Remember, each lesson will have a “Course Material” section at the tope of he page with helpful articles that you can download and save for later reference. 

Completing this course will help you understand:

Who is the course for?

Introduction to Nutrition is for everyone! We recommend every patient we have take this class because it will better prepare you to eat healthier. Future lessons like weight loss, or Keto diet breakdowns will be tailored to specific people however we highly suggest you and your whole family better familiarize yourself with the nutrition basics!