Exercise and Mental Health

EXERCISE AND MENTAL HEALTH Benefits of Exercise for Mental Health Exercise can be an incredible tool to benefit all around health and wellness, but the benefits of exercise on mental health is a key component for our brains as we age. Dr. Kyle Vincent, who practices out of our Redhawk office, believes that a good […]

Counseling and Brain Health

COUNSELING AND MENTAL HEALTH Introduction Now that we are entering our second year of a pandemic, we are seeing a large increase in mental health issues. NATURE journal states that, more than 42% of people surveyed by the US Census Bureau reported symptoms of anxiety or depression in December 2020. That is a huge increase […]

Hobbies and Brain Health

HOBBIES AND BRAIN HEALTH Patient Story Esper Escalante is a valued patient at Rancho Family Medical Group. She grew up in the Philippines and moved to San Diego, CA to start a new career with the San Diego Police Department. After 20+ years of working for the SDPD, she and her husband retired and moved […]

Depression Management

DEPRESSION MANAGEMENT Introduction Mental health is just as vital as physical health, but often goes untreated and overlooked. Anxiety and depression are two more prevalent mental health disorders that, with the help of a good physician, can be mitigated and often cured. Coming out of the global pandemic of 2020, there was an incredible increase […]

Preventative Medicine

PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE Introduction As we age, preventative health is imperative to our overall health. Dr. Susan Behnawa, our geriatrician who practices out of our Sun City office, states that one major concern individuals have as they age is not wanting to lose who they are, which is ultimately housed in one’s cognitive abilities. Dementia, or […]

Meditation with Dr. Rome

MEDITATION Dr. Rome on Meditation Dr. Rome Walter sees patients at our Murrieta office off Cal Oaks Road. Dr. Rome believes strongly in a holistic approach to medicine, resorting to medications only when necessary. Dr. Rome began meditating and practicing mindfulness for his own personal health and has experienced the positive impact it has had […]