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  • Keto Waffle

    WAFFLE Ingredients 1 Tablespoon almond flour or coconut flour 1 LG. organic egg 1 Cup fontina cheese 1 Tsp vanilla 1 Tsp baking powder Pinch of salt Pinch of cinnamon 1/4 Tsp…

  • Fall Squash series

    This fall, we are focusing on recipes using a large variety of squash. Squash is anti-inflammatory and absolutely delicious. In the first video, chef Leah of E.A.T Marketplace discusses the various types…

  • Keto Bombs

    Ingredients 1 cup almond butter 1 cup coconut oil ½ cup cacao powder ¼ cup coconut flour Monkfruit Maple Syrup to taste 10-15 whole walnuts 1/4 cup chopped dates     Method Melt the almond butter and coconut oil…

  • French Press Done Right

    Before you start… This is a quick and simple guide to making delicious french press coffee from home. The steps below will show you the process, however it is extremely important to…

  • Keto Crepes

    These delicious low carb pancakes are perfect as breakfast or a dessert treat- and are fantastic used as savory crepe- rolling up turkey, ham, cheese- you name it.

  • CSA Box & Roasted Carrots

    Join Chef Leah of E.A.T. as she unpacks a local CSA Box and roasts some amazing sweet carrots.

  • Russian Kale Salad

    Join Chef Leah of E.A.T. Marketplace as she creates the perfect summer salad with kale and roasted carrots

  • Frittata

    Chef Leah of E.A.T Marketplace puts together a delicious egg frittata that is so easy, anyone can do it.