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Protected: Safe and Healthy Gym Tips for Seniors

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Getting Started

1. Create an account

The courses are completely free to all of our patients. To access the courses, please create an account. It takes only a few minutes and then you will have unlimited access to every course! You can create an account by clicking on a course you want to take and click "Enroll" on the top of the page.

2. Set up your Profile

After you create an account and log in, click the top right where you see your name. This will direct you to your own profile! Feel free to add your photo or update any information you want.

3. Take a course

Navigate to the courses page and select one you want to take. We recommend Nutrition 101 as a starting course. Make sure you pay attention to each lesson because some have course materials you can download which will help you later on if you forget. For example, there is a chart in the course material that you can download that shows you each food type and what their nutritional facts are. This can be very helpful to print and bring with you to the grocery store.

4. Share with friends

We want you to share what you have learned with neighbors and friends. Let them know about the classes and encourage them to take each course along with you! You will be happy you did.

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