Choose Health

Choose Health is an online educational library created by Rancho Family Medical Group to educate our patients and community on how to live a health-focused lifestyle. We have educational courses, cooking demonstrations, a podcast and more! Scroll down to see what Choose Health has to offer to maximize your health and wellness!

In the

Within Choose Health, we have What’s Cookin’, a cooking show created with the health of our patients in mind. Our staff and community partners have come up with health-focused recipes highlighting vitamins and nutrients needed to enrich gut health and maintain wellness. Check out our cooking videos to learn these recipes and glean some helpful kitchen tips!

Educational Courses

Choose Education is our online library of courses tailored to learning more about living a healthy lifestyle. We have courses about weight loss, the Keto diet, general nutrition and so much more. Instead of wandering around the internet trying to get the most credible resources, why not get your resources straight from your doctor’s office?

Talk Show

Our Community Rep, Sienna Boyd, hosts an online talk show tackling major topics in modern day health. Her guests include Dr. Stephen Ching our internist, Hillary Avera from RFMG’s pediatric office, Dr. Susan Behnawa our geriatrician, and more! We are always inviting more guests on our show, so make sure to check back for the newest discussions pertaining to medicine

Online Workouts

Learn more about our live online workouts, tailored to our senior patients.

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We want the switching process to be as smooth as possible for you. Call Sienna for assistance.

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Get to know our physicians like never before!